Trialreach – clear medical trial information

I went to visit a rare medical industry startup today. Not for them the filthy air of Silicon Roundabout, they are based in Richmond, on the river near Kew Gardens in some pretty nice digs!

Anyone who can disrupt medicine is going to have a good time. If they can act as a safe and trusted intermediary between people with illness and big pharma, they may be able to carve themselves a business

Smarkets – A Social Betting Exchange

Smarkets have some scarily clever chaps, which you pretty much have to be, to stand a chance with a new product in the heavily competitive betting market. They are a social betting exhange, allowing fans to bet against each other and in-play. This is different to a traditional bookies as you don’t have bookies sitting in the middle of the transaction taking a large portion of the transaction

They are based in White Bear Yard, in Farringdon, London. Strangely, they seem to have a decent website, almost unheard of in European startups

Here is Jason Trost from Smarkets explaining that he is in London so as not to get arrested in the USA

And something super geeky; as they didnt have any decent product videos I could show you – a visualisation of their git commits while building Smarkets

Pronunciation guide for Smarkets:
With a heavy accent on the schhhhh, put effort and enjoyment into the rolling sound – “Schhhhhhhhhmarkets”

Catch them on Twitter @smarkets

Silk app – a clever weird search engine

Silk is a web-based platform that allows content creators to provide their content in a more structured manner on the web. Silk enables users to choose the data they want from the mass of information available and to view and arrange it in ways that make sense to them.

I met these guys at TNW Amsterdam where they gave a polished pitch and had a chance to catch up with them afterwards (with @Aussiewebmaster weirdly enough). Super nice and bright guys, going to do well. They recently completed a €320,000 ($475,000) funding round led by Atomico

Catch them!/silkapp

Yeah, so they’re not British. I suck at colouring inside the lines and I liked them, so they are here :P

Screenreach – turn any screen into an interactive experience

Screenreach are based in Newcastle and aim to solve the problem of Digital Signage being a one-way, passive experience. Screenreach makes signage via screens a two-way and fully interactive experience.

Imagine you’re standing in an airport, surrounded by screens and with time on your hands. Imagine if you could interact with those screens, via a multiplayer game, quiz or poll and get rewarded instantly with vouchers to spend in the shops around you. With Screenreach these experiences are all possible – and accessible through the Screach App.

I met these guys at TNW conference in Amsterdam earlier this year and when I grasped what their product does, it kept me awake that night with incredible marketing scenarios streaming through my brain. These tools will allow brands to wow people in real life and pull them online.

I’m going to find a way to get a client to use this!

You can find them on Twitter!/screenreach

cowsaymoo – humour, marketing and a routemaster bus to fun

Cowsaymoo are a creative thinking company, experiential marketers and above everything else… pretty approachable people who create bespoke and inventive events, promotions and marketing campaigns.

Right from the cow’s mouth: Cow Say:”Moo!” have an amazing asset to our company services. We have an original 1962 London Routemaster Bus which has been converted to include a kitchen, champagne bar, mood lighting, integrated television screens and advertising space both on the inside and out. Over the last 12 months we have been traveling with the bus and another local mar-coms agency to complete one of the biggest face to face experiential promotions the UK travel industry has ever seen.

A fully decked out routemaster bus for hire sounds good to me! Send it round ours on Friday John (don’t forget to fill it with bubbly)

The fellas are based down in Brighton, lucky for some eh?
91a Montgomery Street,
TEL: +44 (0)7885 456 816
TWITTER: @cowsaymoouk

Mixcloud – online radio with DJ mixsets

Mixcloud is an internet radio station that helps connect radio content to listeners. They help content creators (like DJs) promote their online shows and mixsets and help listeners discover some frankly amazing music and mixes

Mixcloud – About video from Mixcloud on Vimeo.

The most popular mix so far in February is Cut Chemist with Disco is Dead , a mix of disco classics from 1973-1979.

Or try Brazil’s Dj Marky classic hardcore breakbeat set ;)

Cannes in a van – the world’s smallest mobile film festival

The world’s smallest mobile film festival… We screen independent film at the Cannes Film Festival straight from the back of our van. Short films, features, festival reels and music videos, nothing is off-limits.

Cannes in a Van 2010: Video Blog 11
Uploaded by CANNESinaVAN. – Full seasons and entire episodes online.

They will be in Cannes this year. Follow them or fund them here

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