How your business model impacts your marketing

  Chat to me about this on twitter @firstconversion or at      This video is going to cover just a little bit of my thinking on how business models impact marketing and sales and getting leads. So working with a large sales team and selling, basically, a product with a really high basket […]

COMING SOON: Rosario Garcia de Zuniga PART 1 – Life in a startup before, during and after an exit

In part 1 of my interview with Rosario, now CTO and co-founder of, she talks about what it was like to work at Mendeley before, during and after it got bought by Elsevier

New Youtube ad format update

Update on the new Youtube album formats and how this impacts the number of ads shown during play. If you are a Youtube advertiser, be very wary of these new formats, you may have to go back and change you ads or at least try and stop Youtube display ads from appearing on long albums […]

Enterprise vs Startup Content Marketing, with Ray Coppinger

In this 40 minute video I talk to Ray Coppinger, Senior Marketing Manager EMEA at Marketo about the differences in Enterprise and Startup content marketing

How to understand how frequently you need to report

The live, hand drawn video from BrightonSEO on how to understand how frequently you should report

The important differences between Facebook ads and Google Ads

The live, hand drawn video from BrightonSEO on the important differences between Facebook ads and Google Ads

Facebook advertising advice for startups

Watch Stephen Croome’s @firstconversion 30 minute video of Facebook Ad Optimisation Insights from his talk on how to optimise Facebook ads from BrightonSEO

Angel Groups

Website Description Location Meet several times a year for dinner. Companies are brought along by one angel who has already committed to invest. Companies pitch, there is Q&A and then they leave. Cambridge, UK MMC Ventures’ syndicate of angel investors. Invest alongside the main MMC Ventures funds (10-20 deals per year). London, UK […]

VC Venture Capital Funding

Website Description Location henQ invests in companies with a Dutch link. Sectors include Internet, e-Commerce, (mobile) Media, Analytics, Saas and Software Development Amsterdam (Netherlands) Early stage investor based out of Antwerp, London, and Turkey. Antwerp (BE), Istanbul (TK) Athens-based €11.7m seed fund, contributing €100k-750k to early stage software companies. Athens (Greece) Spanish […]