The Government’s Startup Britain initiative is now bullying me to steal this website

I bought this domain on 4 February 2011, because I was excited about startups and wanted a small notepad to write about people I met and whatever interested me. 7 weeks later the Government announce via David Cameron and Richard Branson that there was going to be an initiative to help startups called Startup Britain

They launched 4 years ago without the domain name of their initiative. See coverage here and here.

Now they have decided to bully me into giving it to them with lawyers and threatening letters


Dear Stephen,


I am working with the not for profit business Centre for Entrepreneurs who deliver the Government backed Initiative Start up Britain and the registered holder of the trademark “Start up Britain” UK00002591489


We note at the time the initiative was announced in 2011 you registered the domain name and since that time you have not utilised the website for any activities.


We would ask you to agree for the immediate transfer of the domain. As you are not a holder of a registered trademark or a company in the name of Start up Britain. Under ICANN rules you have no right to hold the domain in preference to the Centre of Entrepreneurs. If you agree to do this the Centre for Entrepreneurs will take no further action and  agree to press no further claims on this issue.


However, if you refuse to do so Centre for Entrepreneurs will look to enforce their legal right to utilise their trading name and domain and may file a claim for damages  and all the fees for transfer of the domain.


They have tried to get me to give them my website over the years, and I have always told them no.

The letter pushes the domain squatter angle by saying/initmating/bullshitting that I registered the domain off the back of their initiative, ignoring the fact that:

  1. startup & britain are two generic, obvious words that anyone in the UK would come up with for a website about British startups
  2. I can’t see into the future. A two second look at the Whois registration date would show you I had my site up 2 months before anyone had ever heard of the government initiative

They say I never had any content on the site (again pushing for the domain squatting angle), but I had relevant, unique content on this site from day 1.

They are threatening me with damages/costs, something I just can’t afford.

Can you help?

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You can contact me on or on twitter @firstconversion

My options
I have been in contact with IPO (gov trademark agency). I may be able to get their trademark rescinded, but it will cost me money for the application and if it fails I will have to pay their lawyers and court fees…


The Government’s Startup Britain initiative launched without checking that I already owned the website. Now they want to force me to give it to them by threatening to make me poor if I don’t

Angel Groups

Website Description Location Meet several times a year for dinner. Companies are brought along by one angel who has already committed to invest. Companies pitch, there is Q&A and then they leave. Cambridge, UK MMC Ventures’ syndicate of angel investors. Invest alongside the main MMC Ventures funds (10-20 deals per year). London, UK Israel-based angel group Israel Finnish Business Angels Network. Early (pre-seed & seed) stage investments into companies that scale. Quite tech-centric. Mainly European investment focus. Typical investment per angel is rarely more than 100K€, however can consolidate and co-invest with other angels and VCs. Has a reach of up to 500 angels. Helsinki & other cities, Finland London, UK Invests 1 to 2M€ / year in 10 to 15 new ventures Paris, FR Investor group linking with startups USA, France and Brazil is the first French platform that connects startups and investors. They collect all French startups seeking funding from all sectors. They encounter all sorts of investors : business angels, business angel associations, family offices, investment funds … Free for startups, access to is reserved to qualified investors. They guarantee the confidentiality of data startups and serious investors. Thus they give birth every day to new business ventures . France

VC Venture Capital Funding

Website Description Location henQ invests in companies with a Dutch link. Sectors include Internet, e-Commerce, (mobile) Media, Analytics, Saas and Software Development Amsterdam (Netherlands) Early stage investor based out of Antwerp, London, and Turkey. Antwerp (BE), Istanbul (TK) Athens-based €11.7m seed fund, contributing €100k-750k to early stage software companies. Athens (Greece) Spanish Pledge Fund firm, based in Barcelona. Barcelona Leading Spanish VC firm. They held a first close of fund III in 2009, got final money in 2011. Barcelona (Spain) Berlin based investor who invests Masoud Kamali’s money in early stage tech companies. Berlin Focused on tech and consumer internet. Investments include SoundCloud, EyeEm, txtr, and readmill. Former investments Gate5 (sold to Nokia), Brands4Friends (Ebay), StudiVZ Berlin (Germany) Berlin based buy-out shop that focusses on tech companies. 18 investment professionals. They apparently have a ‘Two digit million fund’ but I have no idea what the vintage date is. Berlin (Germany) Former investment vehicle for the Samwer brothers. No reported deals for some time. Berlin (Germany) Fund set up by the Samwers and run by Fabian Siegel. This is a stand-alone fund and is not to be confused by the European Founders Fund, which is the personal investment vehicle of the Samwers. Berlin (Germany) Berlin based VC firm. Initial capital in fund I from founder of SAP. Berlin (Germany) Berlin based government fund that invests in Berlin based tech companies. They are a subsidiary of Berlin’s State Bank. Berlin (Germany) Berlin based early & seed stage investor. Berlin (Germany) Early stage Internet investor out of Berlin. Born out of Team Europe Ventures investment activities. Berlin (Germany) Berlin incubator. Built by Florian Heinemann, formerly of Rocket Internet. They built their own companies, but also invest in external ones whom they support with their operational expertise in online marketing, business intelligence, HR/rectruiting, Tech (PHP, Java, frontend), biz dev, sys admin. Investing into online/digital business models at Seed (500k+ EUR funding) and Series A (1-3m EUR funding). Berlin (Germany) Berlin based VC. Berlin (Germany) Hands-on German early-stage investor. Based in Berlin. Berlin (Germany) Bonn based fund that invests in German tech companies. Bonn (Germany) Top Tier US VC firm. HQ in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder (US) Early stage investment group that invests the money of individuals. Very Cambridge / UK focussed. Cambridge (UK) Early stage investor. Based in Cologne. It is unclear how much money they have. They have a deal with Iris Capital to co-invest in early German startups. Cologne (Germany) Dublin office via Dogpatch Labs Europe. Series A / B investments in Irish tech companies Logentries, Boxever, Profitero, Balcony TV Dublin Irish VC. Relatively new outfit. Invest early stage, primarily in Ireland. Dublin (Ireland) Swiss based VC firm investing all over europe + US Geneva (CH) Hamburg based VC firm. Hamburg (Germany) Seed VC based in Krakow, Poland. Started by Piotr Wilam and Marek Kapturkiewicz. Invest in SaaS Companies on th ePolish Market. The mission is to grow companies beyond the local niches. Krakow, Poland Seed and post seed investor based in Portugal with some UK investments.Specialising in mobile and SaaS investments Lisbon (Portugal) Large UK VC firm. Formerly Benchmark Europe. Invest Europe wide. London Invest in big disruptive tech ideas. £50k to £400k per investment London Accelerating startups from prototype to IPO with $25K-$250K in initial funding. Backing the most ambitious founders globally. London Top Tier global VC firm. They have a London office with a separate fund dedicated towards Europe and Israel. London (UK) UK based firm that invests commercially and ‘for good’. London (UK) New London-based VC firm. London (UK) London based VC fund. First investor into Wonga. London (UK) Part of DFJ, the global VC firm. London based. Invests in Series B, 25% Series A allocation. UK focus, but invests Europe wide. London (UK) London-based fund manager that invests in US and Europe. London (UK) London based fund. Backed by Middle Eastern investors. London (UK) London based VC firm. Haven’t closed a new fund for ages. Have had success in recent years though, may make a comeback. London (UK) London based, new VC. Three partners investing their own and 3rd party money. Simon Murdoch of Amazon UK fame London (UK) Leading UK growth equity investor. London (UK) Early stage investment arm of Forward Internet Group. London-based. Very strong operational, hiring & fund raising support. London (UK) Early stage UK/ US Internet investor. London based. London (UK) Based out of London and SV, they invest in games companies. London (UK) London based investor in mobile apps / services. Not sure whether they have a structured fund, I think this is a family office. Mobile only focus. London (UK) London-based early stage VC firm. Invests in UK-wide companies out of its evergreen EIS Fund and London-based companies out of its London Fund London (UK) SAAS focussed investor, based in London. London (UK) Mid-stage investor, based in London. Evergreen funds. London (UK) Early stage investor. Invests primarily in UK based companies, as it is a UK government backed fund but has also invested in Berlin and Sweden. London based. London (UK) Investor in online marketplaces. UK based. London (UK) Personal investment vehicle for Federico Pirzio-Biroli. Based out of London. London (UK) London-based investor that is backed by entrepreneurs. Had £20m initially, it is somewhat unclear how much they got in addition to that and when. London (UK) Google Ventures provides seed, venture and growth stage funding to startups in all fields and all stages, with a focus on technology and life sciences. Launching with a new $100M fund in 2014. London (UK) -
but invest pan European London headquartered top tier European VC firm. Originally from Switzerland. Have seed activities, a general fund, and a separate growth fund. London (UK),
Geneva (Switzerland),
San Francisco (US) Irish VC firm with office in London and investments across Europe. London (UK), Dublin (IRL) UK based growth equity investor. Invests Europe wide, UK focus. London (UK), Glasgow (UK) Leading Nordic VC firm. Now with UK office. London (UK), Stockholm (Sweden) European VC firm. Invested in Skype. Active Europe, Israel, Russia. Specialising in eComm. Aside from traditional TMT, a new explicit strategy in automotive. Luxembourg Deal-by-deal fund based in Melbourne, Australia with a global focus. Series A through to growth capital. Melbourne and Tel Aviv Seed tech investment and £10k & £50k innovation grants in Northern Ireland Northern Ireland, UK Russian IT group with Paris Office Novosibirsk (RU) and Paris (FR) : contact Paris :
R&D for Equity AND funding French VC firm. Invests globally, but is based out of France. Paris French firm. Sponsored by La Poste and La Banque Postal. Paris Based in Italy & France. Paris (France) French growth capital investor. Based Paris, Berlin and San francisco. They also have a seed fund now. Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), San Francisco (US) French VC firm. Paris, France French VC firm. Iris Capital is sponsored by Orange and Publicis since 2012, apparently they manage €300m for them… Paris, France French VC firm that invest into later stage and more mature companies. Writes large cheques, compared to fund size. Paris, France French fund from Simoncini (Meetic), investing in web and mobile startups at the growth stage. May invest several millions, similar to Isai. Paris, France French early stage investor. Invests money of the founders, no dedicated fund structure as far as I know. investing all around the world Paris, France SpeedUp is a group of venture capital funds established in 2009. It was created by four partners who knew one another and cooperated with each other for many years. The SpeedUp Venture Capital Group currently operate four funds: SpeedUpIQbator, SpeedUp Investments, LMS Invest and SpeedUp Innovation. Poznan, Poland Regional french fund working in tech field. They invest in seeds startup with significant R&D needs. Rennes (France) Top Tier Silicon Valley firm. Invests globally, also in Europe. San Francisco (US) Stockholm based VC fund. Spotify investor. One of the top Nordic VCs. Stockholm (Sweden) Israeli VC firm. Part of the Viola Group. No idea what that means. They are looking to close their fourth fund in 2014. Tel Aviv (Israel) Israeli VC firm. Tel Aviv (Israel) Early series A/A+ stage investments into software companies UK & Ireland hardGAMMA Ventures team is in a constant touch with the leading contests and incubators in Europe and USA such as: Seedcamp (UK), The Difference Engine (UK), TechStars (US), Meryland International Incubator (US) and Pan-European incubator program HackFwd (from 2010), where we are resposible for startups assessment and qualification. Warsaw (Poland) Seed investor focussed on Eastern Europe Warsaw, Poland Zurich based VC. Now on their second fund. They have given Benjamin Rohe at MAS Angel Fund in Berlin money to invest into companies. Zurich (Switzerland) Irish VC firm. Haven’t raised a large fund since 2003. Small government fund from 2007. Unaware of any other new money. Spanish firm, based out of Barcelona. German VC firm, based in Munich. They are the investment arm of Hubert Burda Media. Fund II will top out at c. $200m. Madrid based firm. Have not done a new deal since 2010 (I believe), last fund was 2005. Old European firm. Not to be confused with Advent International. Last fund was in 2004. Now fully focussed on Life Sciences (Life sciences fund not shown in this overview). UK investor who manges various VCTs. Haven’t seen them do a lot of deals over the years. London based investor in fashion startups. It is unclear to me when they have invested in what. Not to be confused with Allegro Investments. Russian firm. Small firm investing in businesses in the South of England (Southampton area). French VC firm. UK based VC firm. Has separate angel and growth stage funds. Pan-European Venture Capital firm investing in ventures combining social impact and financial return. Munich and London UK government vehicle that invests alongside business angels into UK companies. Invests in financial services companies only. Not a traditional fund management company, but an operating company that invests. Unclear what deals they have done in 2013. Advisory firm in London, has been raising a seed fund Team that invests Hoegh family money in startups. No fund structure as such. Portugal based investor. Also invests in Brazil. French fund, has French corporates as LPs. German outfit, based in Munich and Berlin. Investing their own money. Not sure whether they were active in recent years. Atlante Ventures, fund of Intesa Sanpaolo group dedicated to Venture Capital, invests in innovative companies still small but with high growth potential, with particular attention to those belonging to the high technology sectors. Atlantic Bridge is a growth equity investor focused on technology investments with offices in Dublin, London and Silicon Valley. Formerly an international firm, they shuttered all offices, apart from Boston. Last fund has a US early stage focus. Founded by Skype founder. London based, invests globally, and into B and C rounds predominantly. Rothschild family backed VC investor. Spain / India based firm. They do about one new deal per year. Fund sizes and vintage dates are unclear to me. Bunch of successful entrepreneurs investing together. Includes Russell Buckley (AdMob) Estonian fund manager. Rumour has it that they are in the process of reaching a first close for their new fund. French firm. Spun out from BNP Paribas. German investor, part of the Bertelsmann Group. They have no fund structure as such. Have been consistently active in early stage deals for years. NYC based seed/ A round investor who also invests in Berlin based companies Smaller Berlin based media / tech investor. Doesn’t seem very active. Madrid based early stage investor. Have been active since 1999. Two investments in 2013, not sure how many deals they do per year.
US fund, has made investmets in Europe
Created as a result of 2008 bank bailouts, does UK growth investing, has $2B of capital Angel Fund in Spain. They are very active. Have no website. Finland based investor. Germany & Switzerland investor. I know little about them. invested in doodle Czech based early stage investor. Belfast based investor. Raised third fund just before Xmas 2013, so this is a 2014 fund for all intents and purposes. Madrid based opertaing firm that has turned into an investment firm. Sounds very much like Forward somehow. Private equity firm for Cleantech in Europe (creation, growth, LBO) Moscow based partner in the DFJ network. Have a fresh fund focussed on nanotech. But then they invested in as well… VC arm of Doughty Hanson, the private equity firm. Haven’t raised a fund in quite some time. VC firm with partners in five locations. Portfolio is excellent. I have no idea how many active funds they actually have for which world region. Berlin based VC fund. Many partners, many areas of interest. Small France based VC firm. French outfit that raises capital from many small private investors. Invests in French companies. No idea how much money they have. Klaas de Boer invests money of a family. Finnish Industry Investment Ltd is a government-owned investment company. They function both as an LP and as a direct investor. They have no traditional fund structure. Family office. Invest typically in growth stage businesses. They had a €40m capital increase in 2009. They started in 2011. Have done one large, late stage deal per year or so. Unclear how large the fund is or whether it is the founders’ money. Israeli fund, established 1993. No new fund in quite some time. french firm with the worst website I have ever seen a VC have. I have no idea how much money they really have. Israeli VC, fouded in 1996. Early stage investor. Haven’t raised a new fund since 2008 and I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to. No.1 Belgium based investor. Growth equity focus. Israeli VC. Establishment in 1992, GizaVC has placed over $500 million in more than 100 startups and has achieved 37 successful exits. US based investor. Legend Alan Patricof leads the firm. They focus on B2B and B2C Internet and mobile companies with an emphasis on smaller Series A rounds in capital efficient businesses. Top Tier US firm. Now also with London office and European dedicated money. Large US investor with dedicated European fund. London based. Leading German VC firm. Based in Munich. Invests in German Internet companies, perdominantly e-commerce. Successful entrepreneurs. Investor in Trivago. Second “fund” in October 2013. French investor with fund of funds, secondaries, debt, and so forth. However, they also have a growth capital fund that invests in startups, for example invested in Criteo. The Digital Fund II has a final target of €100m Very large Swedish growth capital investor. They are an evergreen fud and reinvest the profits from previous investments. Highly established VC firm. Invests globally in late stage tech companies. Finnish early stage VC. Moscow based VC firm. Invest only in Russia French VC, founded 1998. Russian firm set up in 2011. Fund of the Innocent drinks founders. Focussed on UK consumer plays. Wider remit than just eCommerce, can also do apps. Israeli VC firm established in 1993. One of the leading funds in Israel. Even their 2000 vintage fund made money. Israeli investment firm. I know little about them. They are a private company and don’t manage funds as such. Unclear how much money they have.
London-based investment firm. Focussed on early-stage in clean energy and tech. London based software investor, focussed on later stage. Spain based firm. Russian firm investing internationally. It is unclear to me what funds they have and how large they are. Greve brothers (,, invest via this vehicle. European provider of debt financing to very late stage firms Top Tier European investor. Klaus Hommels set it up. Based in Switzerland. Not sure what fund structure they have. Based in Belgium, Lean FUND is a privately held seed and early stage investment fund managed by experienced entrepreneurs. Early-stage VC in London. Focus is seed investments in platforms, SAAS, marketplaces. Helsinki based early stage investor. They invest only in companies in the game ecosystem from developers to technology Invests in tech heavy startups. Based in Oxford, UK. Cambridge based group of angels. Scottish investor. They invest in Scotland. Seed and early stage VC. Utilises SEIS and EIS tax vehicles so is currently limited to UK. Focus on E-commerce, Gaming, Life sciences and Advanced Materials, and has relationships with a number of midlands universities’ tech transfer offices. French firm. Buyout and growth capital investor in locally supplied services companies. They don’t do seed or Series A type of deals.
website inactive? They manage a Diageo fund which is a CSR initiative to invest in innovative Irish businesses. Have been very active in 2013. Netherlands based investor, invests in Benelux area. Finnish mobile VC. Late stage global investor. Independent from Nokia. Denmark based VC. SAAS / B2B focussed investors. French firm that raises funds from retail private investors, regularly tops them up. Not clear how much money they actually have, but let’s assume it is a lot. More focussed on later stage deals, but does Series A. Finland based early stage fund. Run by ex MySQL guys, their money plus third parties. Scotland based investor. Can only invest in UK companies. Invest very small amounts of money. Moscow based investor investing internationally. Leading Israeli firm. Have been around since 1993. Was seeded by Polaris. Austria based growth capital investor. Netherlands based VC firm, with one partner in Cambridge, UK. Moscow based firm. They invest in later stage tech companies. They are a corporate VC, I think they get money from Qualcomm and don’t have traditional funds. Technology focused international firm, office in Moscow, investing globally.
Started in 2010 with $135m fund.
Investments include NGINX, Jelastic, Ecwid, Acumatica,
Zopa, drchrono, Wallarm and others.
Fund II on the way – looking to invest tech-backed companies worldwide Now stand alone VC firm. Very large funds under management. They act as both funds of fund and late stage investors. HQ in Palo Alto, additional offices in Germany and UK. New Spanish firm, based out of Madrid. Denmark based seed investor. Paris based VC. Former Society Generale VC team. French investor. Know nothing about them. Manage a variety of fundsit seems and have been active for many years. New VC firm out of Hamburg. Successful founders investing their own money. New fund, invests from 20K to 40K EUR for 5% to 15% equity. Small firm in Dusseldorf, Germany. Estonian investment firm, part of the Estonian Development Fund company. France based VC firm. Not to be confused with Sofinnova Ventures. The 2008 vintage fund VI is the last fund to invest in IT. There is a 2012 fund VII that is dedicated to healthcare only. Global seed stage fund. Invests between $100k – $1million at seed stage. Focused on IoT, Health, FinTech, Transport. Early stage seed fund based in Vienna, Austria and Silicon Valley that targets Central European companies in the technology, internet and mobile sector. Speedinvest provides deep operational support, including strategic and biz dev operations in the US, to accelerate growth and create value. Large US VC. They have a London office and hunt for late stage deals here. Denmark based VC. Invests Europe wide, focus on Nordics. London based firm. Affiliated with London Business School. Venture capital arm of Deutsche Telekom. Manages its own separate funds. TA Venture is a venture capital firm focused on investing in innovative seed-stage and early-stage Web companies in the USA, Europe and more particularly in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries. We also invest in growth-stage companies with proven business models that have been successfully implemented in Western markets and which seek to expand their business into Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries. Munich based VC firm. Peter Thiel’s investment vehicle that invests only into companies outside of the US and then brings them to the US.
no website London based outfit that does the occasional deal Belgian based investor. They have an emphasis on ‘eco-innovation’ Early Stage VC firm, out of Belgium. Volvo Group Venture Capital is a corporate investment company making venture capital and growth equity investments in sustainable transport and infrastructure solutions. Germany and UK based investor. They have separate healthcare and IT funds. We omit the healthcare fund here. Early stage transatlantic investor. Started investig full time in 2013. Set up by Christian Hernandez Gallardo, formerly of Facebook. Small UK firm. Operational investment firm based out of Sweden. Former QlikTech team that invests its own money.

Trialreach – clear medical trial information

I went to visit a rare medical industry startup today. Not for them the filthy air of Silicon Roundabout, they are based in Richmond, on the river near Kew Gardens in some pretty nice digs!

Anyone who can disrupt medicine is going to have a good time. If they can act as a safe and trusted intermediary between people with illness and big pharma, they may be able to carve themselves a business

Smarkets – A Social Betting Exchange

Smarkets have some scarily clever chaps, which you pretty much have to be, to stand a chance with a new product in the heavily competitive betting market. They are a social betting exhange, allowing fans to bet against each other and in-play. This is different to a traditional bookies as you don’t have bookies sitting in the middle of the transaction taking a large portion of the transaction

They are based in White Bear Yard, in Farringdon, London. Strangely, they seem to have a decent website, almost unheard of in European startups

Here is Jason Trost from Smarkets explaining that he is in London so as not to get arrested in the USA

And something super geeky; as they didnt have any decent product videos I could show you – a visualisation of their git commits while building Smarkets

Pronunciation guide for Smarkets:
With a heavy accent on the schhhhh, put effort and enjoyment into the rolling sound – “Schhhhhhhhhmarkets”

Catch them on Twitter @smarkets

Silk app – a clever weird search engine

Silk is a web-based platform that allows content creators to provide their content in a more structured manner on the web. Silk enables users to choose the data they want from the mass of information available and to view and arrange it in ways that make sense to them.

I met these guys at TNW Amsterdam where they gave a polished pitch and had a chance to catch up with them afterwards (with @Aussiewebmaster weirdly enough). Super nice and bright guys, going to do well. They recently completed a €320,000 ($475,000) funding round led by Atomico

Catch them!/silkapp

Yeah, so they’re not British. I suck at colouring inside the lines and I liked them, so they are here :P

Screenreach – turn any screen into an interactive experience

Screenreach are based in Newcastle and aim to solve the problem of Digital Signage being a one-way, passive experience. Screenreach makes signage via screens a two-way and fully interactive experience.

Imagine you’re standing in an airport, surrounded by screens and with time on your hands. Imagine if you could interact with those screens, via a multiplayer game, quiz or poll and get rewarded instantly with vouchers to spend in the shops around you. With Screenreach these experiences are all possible – and accessible through the Screach App.

I met these guys at TNW conference in Amsterdam earlier this year and when I grasped what their product does, it kept me awake that night with incredible marketing scenarios streaming through my brain. These tools will allow brands to wow people in real life and pull them online.

I’m going to find a way to get a client to use this!

You can find them on Twitter!/screenreach

cowsaymoo – humour, marketing and a routemaster bus to fun

Cowsaymoo are a creative thinking company, experiential marketers and above everything else… pretty approachable people who create bespoke and inventive events, promotions and marketing campaigns.

Right from the cow’s mouth: Cow Say:”Moo!” have an amazing asset to our company services. We have an original 1962 London Routemaster Bus which has been converted to include a kitchen, champagne bar, mood lighting, integrated television screens and advertising space both on the inside and out. Over the last 12 months we have been traveling with the bus and another local mar-coms agency to complete one of the biggest face to face experiential promotions the UK travel industry has ever seen.

A fully decked out routemaster bus for hire sounds good to me! Send it round ours on Friday John (don’t forget to fill it with bubbly)

The fellas are based down in Brighton, lucky for some eh?
91a Montgomery Street,
TEL: +44 (0)7885 456 816
TWITTER: @cowsaymoouk

Mixcloud – online radio with DJ mixsets

Mixcloud is an internet radio station that helps connect radio content to listeners. They help content creators (like DJs) promote their online shows and mixsets and help listeners discover some frankly amazing music and mixes

Mixcloud – About video from Mixcloud on Vimeo.

The most popular mix so far in February is Cut Chemist with Disco is Dead , a mix of disco classics from 1973-1979.

Or try Brazil’s Dj Marky classic hardcore breakbeat set ;)

Cannes in a van – the world’s smallest mobile film festival

The world’s smallest mobile film festival… We screen independent film at the Cannes Film Festival straight from the back of our van. Short films, features, festival reels and music videos, nothing is off-limits.

Cannes in a Van 2010: Video Blog 11
Uploaded by CANNESinaVAN. – Full seasons and entire episodes online.

They will be in Cannes this year. Follow them or fund them here

Get the flash player here: